Who is Chef Rebeca?

Originally from California and she took a career change from music to food. Chef Rebeca has a passion for arts, “music is colors and textures, close your eyes and think about your favorite song, it wouldn’t be so magical if we didn’t have great engineers to bring out the best in the music.” Rebeca feels like anyone can make a grilled cheese, its the thought and effort of why you picked that cheese or bread and how they all work together to make an experience not just a sandwich.

Chef Rebeca went to Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas and graduated with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. She opened up the Wynn Casino and was determined for her food knowledge expand by working with great chefs. Rebeca would go to kitchens and ask if she could work for a day or two to learn, for free. “I loved the environment or everyone being united in the kitchen.” Rebeca has learned everything from a American Steak House, Rustic Italian, Classic French, French Patisserie (not Bakery), working with chocolate, sugar and Tex-Mex. You know B. Flays’ place. Chef sculptured her resume and experience to have a little bit of everything. Chef is also ServSafe Certified, which means she knows about proper sanitation and temperatures for food.

Chef Rebeca is now Connecticut making great food for you. She loves creating menus that has a little bit of everything. Making food is like painting so many colors, textures and the fun part is putting them together. Chef hopes that you can enjoy her art by ordering her meals and experiencing the adventure with her.