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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the menus?

Menus are posted on our site, for you to preplan your weeks. If you are signed up to receive SMS messaging, we will alert you when our new menu is posted. Your menu options include: Ala Carte items, Breakfast, Entrees, Salads, Soups, and Kids Meals.

What days will my food get delivered?

We delivery on Mondays and Thursday (starting on March 18, 2021) . Check our menu for special holiday menus with different delivery days. Note: we provide different salad and entree options for each delivery day. You cannot order Thursday salads and entrees for Monday delivery and vice-versa. All orders for Monday's need to be placed by Thursday 11:59 PM EST. For Thursday's delivery, all orders need to place by Sunday 11:59 PM EST.

How do I heat my meals?

All of our meals come with container labels with heating instructions. Additionally, you can click on the menu item for heating instructions and other information about the meals. For thick cut proteins heat separately and add an additional 1 and 1/2 to 2 minutes. In general all meals loosen top and heat in microwave for 1 and 1/2 to 2 minutes. Add any sauces to the last 10 seconds. *Microwaves times may vary due to watts per unit.

What if I do not want a subscription?

No problem, you still have choices! You can pick your choices from our menu under the A La Carte section.

How do subscriptions work?

Nala's Kitchen offers subscription plans that help take the stress of cooking out of your busy life. All you need to do is set up your profile, preferences, filters online and let our site help you choose your meals. When selecting your subscription, choose between Entrees, Entrees with salads, or kids meals. Select your portion size; regular or large. With the subscription plan you'll be billed weekly. Choose how many days you would like to receive food for during the week and how many meals per day. Once you have decided on a plan proceed to your cart to review your subscription plan. Register to get started!

How do meal packs work?

Choose a day you would like have your meals delivered to you. We deliver on Monday and Wednesdays! Select your combinations of meals you would like to receive. You can choose your meals or have our site randomly select what we deliver to you. You are welcomed to order additional meal packs. Once you are done, proceed to view your cart and review your meal choices and the breakdown of your total. If you're satisfied proceed to shipping and select where you would like us to delivery your food.

Is there a deadline to order meals?

Yes, since we cook and prepare all our meals fresh, we have to have an accurate count on all ingredients. That is why we ask that all orders for Mondays delivery be placed by Thursday before 12pm EST. For Thursdays deliveries, all orders need to be placed by Sunday before 12pm EST. If there is ever a question or issue, please call us at (860) 578-2314 or email us at vsena@nalas-kitchen.com to let us know!

What does "W30" mean?

W30 means whole 30. What is Whole 30, is a diet type that temporarily eliminates "trigger" foods, the foods may make you feel not so great.

How many diet types do we offer?

●CLEAN AND HEALTHY, that is our least restrictive diet. WIth clean and healthy you still get dairy, starches and legumes ●DAIRY FREE, this contains no milk product ●GLUTEN FREE, meals contain no ingredients with gluten, and gluten agents i.e. "pastas, wheat, bread" ●LOW CARB, these are meals that have no starches. i.e. "rice, pasta, bread, potatoes" ●VEGETARIAN, these are meals that contain no animal products or byproducts ●WHOLE 30, Our most restrictive diet. It helps you eliminate trigger foods. These meals do not contain grains, legumes, dairy,sugars,MSG, soy, alcohol and sulfates

How do I order?

Under the "Order" drop down menu, you will see 4 options. Extras-these are extra retail items that would not be considered a meal Ala Carte-these are menu items that you can purchase without a subscription. These include all salads, entrees, and additional add-on items, in case you wanted to build your own meal Meal Packs-this option is great if you are looking to purchase more than two meals without a subscription. We suggest to buy a meal pack if you are looking to try us out or wanting to purchase meals as a gift Subscriptions-this is the best option if you would like your meals delivered regularly without hassle. You choose how many meals you would like per week, along with your meal preferences, and we will do the rest!

How to navigate choosing your meal selections

First, you will notice the delivery dates we offer. Be sure to pick the correct delivery date before scrolling down to our menu. Note: we deliver different salads and entrees on each delivery day. So you would not be able to order Mondays salads and entrees for Wednesday's delivery and vice-versa Choosing your meals-all meals are listed in alphabetical order. However, if you would prefer to see certain types of meals, or types of diets, you can use our filters to left of your screen. Just check each box, under Type and Diet, and you will be able to see the exact meals you are looking for

Is there a minimum amount you need to spend per order?

There is a minimum amount of $30 per order.

What is the difference between the Regular and Large?

Our Regular portion comes in a 24oz container and is meant to be one serving. It contains two 4oz sides and one 6oz protein. Our Large portion comes in a 48oz container and is meant to be two servings. It contains two 8oz sides and one 12oz protein.

Can you buy food just once?

Yes. You can buy food just once. This makes it convenient for customers who want to try out the food or are purchasing it as a one time gift for someone else.

Do you need to purchase a subscription?

No. You do not need to purchase a subscription to order. Simply order from our Al la Carte menu for one time purchases.

What are Premium Meals?

Premium Meals are Chef's Specials and are made with higher quality proteins.

Who supervises the Kosher?

Kosher meals are prepared by Yosi Kitchen. Yosi Kitchen, aka Yosi Kosher Catering; is supervised by the Hartford Kashrut commission (HKC). Our facilities maintains a full-time Mashgiach. All meals are labeled, taped and packaged individually per customer before delivery. http://www.yosikoshercatering.com/pdf/HKC_YKC_Certificate.pdf

How do I know if the meal I selected is Kosher?

1) There will be a symbol from the HKC in the picture 2) "Yosi" will prefaced in most meal description but all with have (kosher) at the end of the meal description 3) Also, If you click on the picture, there is a thumbnail of Yosi's certificate of Kosher in the picture. Click to expand. You can also build your preferences to show only Kosher meals and options from Yosi Kosher Catering/ Yosi Kitchen.