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Chef Beca Tuinei has followed her passion to create Nala’s Kitchen after 15 years of inspiration in the food industry. Her mastery of culinary arts began with her extensive training under master chefs in Las Vegas where she honed her skills and current menu at her pride and joy, Nala’s Kitchen. She is also an advocate for seniors in the community and has applied her knowledge of different diets and eating textures to ensure seniors get meals that meet their nutritional needs. In April 2017, Chef Beca began offering her unique, creative menus and culinary services to the Hartford and New Haven Counties.

Nala’s Kitchen was born with the distinctive foundation of clean eating through simple and fresh meals. As a healthy meal prep company, the Clean and Healthy® element is incorporated into our Whole 30® menu. All of our recipes are Clean and Healthy® and are the foundation for a variety of dietary needs and recipes. Our Whole 30® diet is most beneficial for anyone suffering from food allergies or desires a healthful dietary cleanse. At Nala’s Kitchen meals are fully cooked and pre-portioned to have 6 ounces of a preferred protein along with 2 sides (of approximately 4 ounces each), to meet nutritional guidelines. As desired by many of our clients, our chef-prepared menus have no artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sugars. Bonus- our meals are quick and easy to reheat!

At Nala’s Kitchen, our meals come ready for you to enjoy with no hassles of healthy meal planning, shopping, preparation, cooking and the tedious task of cleanup. You’ll love our service and can count on us for fresh, beneficial and creative meals with variety! With weekly changes to our menu, that always account for seasonal fresh ingredients, you’ll never get bored!

Here’s just a few benefits of having Chef Beca and Nala’s Kitchen take care of your dietary needs:

• weekly varietal menus
• fresh, seasonal and creative meals of the highest standards
• customized nutritional plan
• no shopping or searching for ingredients
• meal planning and preparation
• no cooking, simply heat and enjoy
• no preservatives, allergens* or added sugars
• never frozen, but freezer friendly
• no clean up
• budget friendly
• delivered right to your home

Getting started with Nala’s Kitchen is easy and we offer a variety of menu plans to fit any budget. Contact us at (860) 578-2314 or for more information, https://nalas-kitchen.com/pages/faq

Thank you for choosing Nala’s Kitchen.

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