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When do my orders need to be placed?

Orders for Monday delivery need to be placed by Thursday at 11:59pm. Orders for Thursday delivery need to be placed by Sunday at noon.

What are the portion sizes available?

We offer three portion sizes: A meal for 1 contains 6oz of protein and two 4oz sides. A meal for 2 contains 12oz of protein and two 8oz sides. A Family Meal for 4 contains 24oz of protein and two 16oz sides. 

What are the different diet types we offer?

We offer several menus for a lot of diet types:

Whole Foods diet- which consists of non-packaged foods, similar to what you would find on the outer rim of a grocery store. 

Mediterranean Diet

Certified Kosher Meals from Yosi Kosher Kitchen. All food is Glatt Kosher certified by the HKC (Hartford Kashrut Commission) and they employ a Mashgiach on site.hkc circle 

Gluten Friendly Meals

Low Sodium Meals

Macro Meals

Vegan Meals

Keto Options

Low Calorie

Low Carb

When can I expect my order?

We deliver every Monday and Thursday. You can email us for a delivery window prior to your delivery date. 

What if you can’t be home when we deliver?

Not home? No problem! If you can’t be home during your delivery window, we ask that you place a cooler with an ice pack outside for us to place your meals. 

Are the Kosher Meals really Kosher Certified?

All food is Glatt Kosher certified by the HKC (Hartford Kashrut Commission) and Yosi Kitchen employs a Mashgiach on site. They offer meals for a mid-week or Shabbat dinner for yohkc circleur family

What is your policy on expiry dates for fresh items?

All meals are delivered fresh so they have a shorter shelf life than frozen, processed food. All meals have a shelf-life of 5 days in the refrigerator and 30 days in the freezer. 

How do I reheat my food?

Your food can be re-heated by microwave or conventional oven.

For microwave: loosen your lid and place in microwave for 2-3 minutes. 

For conventional oven: Remove food from plastic container. Set oven to 325 degrees. Reheat protein first for 5 minutes. Then, place sides with protein and heat together for 5 more minutes. If your food is still cold, heat until desired temperature is reached. 

Can I cancel my order?

Because we purchase your food fresh, we can only accept cancellations on the following days. 

Cancellations for Monday delivery need to be made by Thursday at 11:59pm. Cancellations for Thursday need to be made by Sunday at noon. 

Can I edit my order?

Please email us at to edit your order 

Will my meals come frozen or fresh?

We buy fresh and deliver fresh. Your meals will come fully prepared and ready to reheat and enjoy! 









“The ordering process online was super simple. I appreciate the fact that all the nutritional info was easily located for anything we ordered (everything on the site). The delivery was made promptly. Most important the food is absolutely delicious….”
Guy Neumann
Guy NeumannCustomer
“Being able to buy healthy meals a la cart makes planning weekday dinners fit our work schedules and budget. Everything is so tasty!”
Marina Moser
Marina MoserCustomer
“I love that we now have a Paleo option in town, and people can see that healthy food can also taste amazing!”
Betsy Froebel Udal
Betsy Froebel UdalCustomer