My favorite part of being the chef at NALA’s Kitchen…. I have many favorites but lately I have been enjoying the compliments. Sometimes I don’t stop and listen to the connections I make with my food to the person.

Every meal that is made is made with love. I know that’s super cheesy but I make sure I am not in any bad mood or even if I am it gets cleared out when I start working with my hands to combine flavors and start to create food.

I think it’s amazing to hear I have made something so memorable that you stop me and tell me about it. I’m just not always going to remember everything I make. I change menus so often I never remember. My kids are the ones that are making me write down what I make and how I make it. They have their favorites too and the descriptions are usually two words. “Can you make that beef thing that I like?”-actual quote.

As NALA’s continues to grow we may be featuring a cookbook with recipes. I will have a person follow my every step because when I get into the flow it’s hard to break the concentration to write down the magic. 😊

I’m thinking of possibly making food for pets. We have a dog and she has diabetes. I know that humans can curve and possibly control the amount of insulin that is used why can’t I help our dog by controlling what she eats to make her healthier?

10 pounds…

Today one of my long time clients stopped by to grab ready made food from the store. (I consider her more than just a client). She stopped in the store with the rarity that I would be at the counter doing work and I was able to get a chance to catch up with her.

She explained that she was in between appointments and was down the street. Coming from a physical and telling her doctor that she wanted to loss 10 pounds. The doctor tells her its about what you eat to get those pounds off. Then she did a little marketing for NALA’s 😉

Getting older is no fun….. Well for me at least, some people age VERY gracefully. I have had gray hairs since I was 10 years old, I am feeling like I am developing arthritis and my knee acts up when it rains. Besides all of the aging facts I am conscious of what I eat. If I happen to eat a snicker bar because they are amazing I know there is a reason I have that love handle. Everything has a cause and effect.

We all have our vices, but if you want to put the time to take care of your body then you should also take the time to be conscious of what you put INTO your body. If you get meals from NALA’s Kitchen or eat healthy, read the labels to help you achieve your goal. So when you look in the mirror you say “Who is that looking at me?” (in a flattering tone) Then you stand proud and realize its you because you took time for yourself to be on track for yourself.

Picture That!

Pictures can say a million words, but what do words say? I’ve been told that if I take pictures of meals when customers order online it would sell more. If you know a little about how NALA’s Kitchen works, I make custom menus every week. Every week I try to grab your attention by my description of the ingredients, letting you imagination paint the palate of flavors. I create menus from inspiration from food that I have had in my past, while out trying a restaurant, or just thinking about what is the next “peanut butter and jelly combination”.

I always have an open door to hear any and every suggestion. I am a chef and a mom of two plus our precious dog which has been know to have Kim Kardashian traits. My passion is cooking, wearing many hats in my small business I hope you see my vision as I continue to grow and show that nutrition should come first to create a healthy lifestyle.

We have taken this picture suggestion and post pictures of items we have in store ready to eat on Facebook. Stop by at our store we are open from 11am-6pm Monday-Friday. 774 Farmington Ave, West Hartford next to the Medicine Shoppe.

Kid approved!

Being a chef is tough enough because I have so many palates to make sure understand my vision of my menu. When you add kids into the mix I an not going to lie its a big challenge. People often think that my kids will eat anything and everything. Sorry to crush your dreams, but they don’t. They are or were picky eaters. For a long time they would only eat Easy Mac….. So embarrassing to admit to but yup, that was my life being a chef and making Easy Mac. It wasn’t until I actually started NALA’s Kitchen that they were starting to smell the different sauces, vegetables, meats…. I wouldn’t offer them food. I would eat in front of them and soon I would have buddies right next to me or on my lap taking over my plate. I wasn’t pushy I let them go to the food. I would tell them you liked it awesome, don’t ask whats it in just enjoy it. 

A couple months ago one of my daughters helped me at a town celebration. I served three different entrees. All of them I did not think my daughter would like, but every time I would serve the food there she was saying “mmmmm that looks yummy.” Sure enough there she was eating a vegetarian bowl, green chicken chili (which now needs to made at home once a month), asian lettuce wraps. 

One of my clients suggested to make a kids menu because the parents love the menu but the kids won’t eat the same food. Who do I turn to but my two daughters to help me think of foods that kids would eat. My oldest says “I don’t know make that thing that you make that I like…..” not much help, must be the pre-teen years. My youngest says “make a Caesar salad, a steak salad, chicken salad…” I hold up my hand and say “I don’t know too many kids that like salad you are like a old soul”. After all the debate about salad and finding that thing that I make that my daughter likes, my girls came up with this Kid Approved Menu. They love being part of the business and enjoy making menus along side with me and plan to make changes as they say one day will be my boss. 

Being a parent is tough, so cut the parents a little slack if you feel the eye rolls when they are feeding them Easy Mac. We all need a break and I’m sure everyone is doing there best for there child. 

Check out our Kids Menu created by Nina and Nola.

Anthony Bourdain…..

Their are people that you look up to and influence your life. Many will also be the inner monologue telling what to do. As if they were part of you yet never have met.

To hear that Anthony Bourdain is no longer with us truly saddens me. He was an amazing person, Chef and definitely someone I aspired to be like.

I was just talking about the ideal job for me is to travel with Anthony Bourdain and eat and embrace different cultures. The way he would describe the food made you feel like you with him in a hole in the wall place he would love to find.

My condolences to his family. He will be missed in the culinary world.