2019….. What’s in store for me?

As we start the New Fresh Year of 2019 we all make our resolutions of habits or goals we all want to achieve. I have decided to drink more water and to have more compassion for others. As easy as that may sound to others, its actually not for me therefore being my resolution. I want to drink water for healthy reasons and I heard it takes the jiggle out of my tummy section…. If and when that happens I will be floating on air! So a gallon a day is my goal to get my jiggle strong.

As for the compassion for others, I decided I have to let go of any old anger or ties I had or have for anyone. If I want to continue moving forward in life I need to let go of weights like any kind of bad feelings towards someone. With the compassion I should send them love in my thoughts and prayers because you don’t know what caused the break in having a good relationship with that person.

I have encountered motivating quotes and people to help me stay on track because its only the 3rd of January and I am staying strong on my resolutions. 😉 With the motivational quotes and videos of Lewis Howes I feel like I am truly ready to enjoy my journey thru 2019 with a very healthy future with water drinking and a light and brighter aura that is unbreakable.

A quote like “If your vision doesn’t make you jump out of bed in the morning, you need a new vision.” Lewis Howes is so inspirational and helps me visualize my peace and path open to a true humble self. I believe visualization helps you see your destiny how it comes it doesn’t matter because it will fall into place if you can see the end of the rainbow.

Or a quote like this “Your life will never improve unless you start making daily improvements” Lewis Howes We need to make little strides to get to make the resolution or dream happen. Any little stride in our ocean of thoughts and obstacles is progress. So take the steps to achieve your goals, never discrediting any little step you took.