My favorite part of being the chef at NALA’s Kitchen…. I have many favorites but lately I have been enjoying the compliments. Sometimes I don’t stop and listen to the connections I make with my food to the person.

Every meal that is made is made with love. I know that’s super cheesy but I make sure I am not in any bad mood or even if I am it gets cleared out when I start working with my hands to combine flavors and start to create food.

I think it’s amazing to hear I have made something so memorable that you stop me and tell me about it. I’m just not always going to remember everything I make. I change menus so often I never remember. My kids are the ones that are making me write down what I make and how I make it. They have their favorites too and the descriptions are usually two words. “Can you make that beef thing that I like?”-actual quote.

As NALA’s continues to grow we may be featuring a cookbook with recipes. I will have a person follow my every step because when I get into the flow it’s hard to break the concentration to write down the magic. 😊

I’m thinking of possibly making food for pets. We have a dog and she has diabetes. I know that humans can curve and possibly control the amount of insulin that is used why can’t I help our dog by controlling what she eats to make her healthier?