10 pounds…

Today one of my long time clients stopped by to grab ready made food from the store. (I consider her more than just a client). She stopped in the store with the rarity that I would be at the counter doing work and I was able to get a chance to catch up with her.

She explained that she was in between appointments and was down the street. Coming from a physical and telling her doctor that she wanted to loss 10 pounds. The doctor tells her its about what you eat to get those pounds off. Then she did a little marketing for NALA’s 😉

Getting older is no fun….. Well for me at least, some people age VERY gracefully. I have had gray hairs since I was 10 years old, I am feeling like I am developing arthritis and my knee acts up when it rains. Besides all of the aging facts I am conscious of what I eat. If I happen to eat a snicker bar because they are amazing I know there is a reason I have that love handle. Everything has a cause and effect.

We all have our vices, but if you want to put the time to take care of your body then you should also take the time to be conscious of what you put INTO your body. If you get meals from NALA’s Kitchen or eat healthy, read the labels to help you achieve your goal. So when you look in the mirror you say “Who is that looking at me?” (in a flattering tone) Then you stand proud and realize its you because you took time for yourself to be on track for yourself.

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