Picture That!

Pictures can say a million words, but what do words say? I’ve been told that if I take pictures of meals when customers order online it would sell more. If you know a little about how NALA’s Kitchen works, I make custom menus every week. Every week I try to grab your attention by my description of the ingredients, letting you imagination paint the palate of flavors. I create menus from inspiration from food that I have had in my past, while out trying a restaurant, or just thinking about what is the next “peanut butter and jelly combination”.

I always have an open door to hear any and every suggestion. I am a chef and a mom of two plus our precious dog which has been know to have Kim Kardashian traits. My passion is cooking, wearing many hats in my small business I hope you see my vision as I continue to grow and show that nutrition should come first to create a healthy lifestyle.

We have taken this picture suggestion and post pictures of items we have in store ready to eat on Facebook. Stop by at our store we are open from 11am-6pm Monday-Friday. 774 Farmington Ave, West Hartford next to the Medicine Shoppe.

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