NALA’s Mission

Lately I have been asked to describe NALA’s Kitchen. At first I say it’s a healthy meal delivery service. Then I get the ok what else. I start to think what is my mission, what is my purpose. Deep thoughts coming at you now.

The answer was hard because I had to take a step back to see all of the things that I do. To me it’s all normal it’s how it should be.

NALA’s Kitchen mission is make eating healthy food affordable on any budget, on anyone’s schedule, using local vendors. Using known vendors and handpicking every part of the meals is important to me. Every part that goes into NALA’s Kitchen is created to provide the best to you the customer. I create menus that are fun and to please your palate. I am always in competition with myself. I am always trying new ideas. Some are well received, while others not so much. I’m learning about trends what my customers likes and dislikes and how far off the grid I can go. It’s so fun for me to create menus, to handpick every piece that goes to the painting and to complete the painting with putting all of the elements together to make the masterpiece you call soup, lunch or dinner. I love what I do. I love creating, cooking and the customers.

Thank you for letting me experiment on you. To show my creative side with food. To run a business and to love everyday that I work. I can show my daughters that they can find their passion and do that for a living. A job doesn’t have to be just a job it can be an expression or extension of who you are.

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