Resolutions are great for a starting point in everyones life, to look back at the year that pasted and reflect about the good and the bad. I personally have never kept any resolution, probably because I have said what I want to do but too drowsy to remember because I am getting to old to stay up past 10pm. 

I have been in contact with many people that want to change their eating habits. I love cooking and actually never ate as healthy as I do now. I thank you the people that I am cooking for to help me eat healthy. 

I am being challenged into cooking healthy and putting my stamp to show you who I am thru my food. Reinventing recipes that took butter, milk, cream or any fatty goodness. To make an Alfredo sauce that isn’t a million calories, is an amazing accomplishment for me. (will be posting recipe soon)

As we go into week 3 in our New Year, I hope that you continue to take steps to reach your resolution and make it a reality. 

Happy New Year From NALA’s Kitchen and Chef Beca!

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