The world we live in revolves around time. We mark the time we are born, dates that are special to us like birthdays, anniversaries and special moments. Timing for me in the culinary world is very crucial. 

I have learned that timing can change your life. One movie that I always talk about to others is “Sliding Doors”. It is amazing how 3 seconds can change your life. We can will and visualize our future, but what changes our life is the timing. 

I have tried in my life to time every moment, it was exhausting and overwhelming. I sit back and reflect and realize I missed my moment/timing because I was too shy or scared. Now my timing is impeccable, I’m not scared because fear only brings negative. I say who cares do it, we only live once. It doesn’t mean I am not shy because I am thats just me.

I will always follow my passion and I love cooking. Cooking has made me learn how to time everything with food and also life. My timing in life is on point and can’t wait for my time to be in a rocking chair sharing my stories on the porch with the weepy wallow tree blowing in the wind filled with lavendar.


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