Cheat Day??

I am sure you have heard people say this is my cheat day. In fact when I am sitting around with my kids as we binge watch our favorite show because its cold and rainy outside. It becomes a heavy snack day with little to no moving. The moving is from the kitchen to grab a snack and the couch as we all snuggle under a blanket. Would that be considered my cheat day?

Why do we feel like we need a cheat day? Is it to show that we are working hard to eat healthy and we need a break to enjoy the amazing food that is provided to us? It is proving that eating healthy is a HARD task! Its ok take a day to indulge in the food you would say is bad it should be in moderation. I love to eat food and can sometimes indulge in a little too much. Why not! Lets eat but in moderation and then we won’t have use the phrase “cheat day”. 😉

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