It’s SOUP Season!

Yes it is soup season. I as a chef do not make soup in the summer even the cold soups because no one wants to eat soup when it’s hot outside. The only time I will give it a pass is if you are sick. Then I understand.

My favorite memory that I have at one of the kitchens I was the chef at was in the summer. A few regular customers would get my servers attention and demand to talk to me. As I would walk into the dinning room, they would go in a rand and scold me for not having soup. Keep in mind it was 90 degrees with 100% humidity. I was always told the customer is always right.

Needless to say, I made soup for the regulars, I thought I was crazy to be making soup in 10000 degree hot summer day. I made two soups a chicken noodle and a tomato soup. I proudly went over to the group and told them I made not one soup but two. You would think the reaction would have been estatic but it was the opposite. They began to YELL at me and say they don’t like those soups. From that point on I decided not to make soups in the summer.

NOW with the brisk air and changing leaves. It is soup season, time for us to slurp up each tablespoon of comfort soup to break the chill from the inside and warm our hearts and cheeks with a nice bowl of soup. One of my favorite things to make is soup. Try one as an addition to a lunch or dinner.

Soups ON!!!

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