EGGs 🍳

With my new way of eating, I have become an egg advocate. I eat about 5 eggs a day. Sounds crazy right?!? But it’s not when you see how I incorporate them into my diet.

I keep about 6 hard boiled eggs in my frig ready to go for snack time, put in a salad or to curb my appetite when I am getting HANGRY. The worse is when I’m super hungry and I am cooking, so its nice to eat that hard boiled egg to hold me over until the food is ready.

What benefits do we get from eggs you ask??

  1. High quality protein
  2. Vitamin B2, B6 and B12
  3. Vitamin D
  4. Zinc
  5. Iron
  6. Copper

Here is my tip of the day when you get that dozen of eggs take about 6 and make them hard boiled snacks that are ready to go. The more healthy foods you have ready to eat increases your ability to stay with the healthy eating habits.

My Perfect Hardboiled Egg

Place eggs in pot and cover with enough water that’s about an inch over the egg. Place pot on stove with high heat and put timer for 12 min. Let the eggs rumble in the pot. When timer goes off take off heat and put aside till cool in water and rise with cold water. Rinsing the shelled eggs in cold water helps to peel the eggs. You can peel eggs then or wait until you are ready to eat. Place in frig and boom you are ready!

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