I ❤️ Cauliflower!!! 😍

As a kid I have always enjoyed cauliflower. I would eat it the way my mom would make it, usually steamed to death with butter on top. Doesn’t that sound so yummy?? 😉

Lately I have discovered that you can use it in replacement of starches. I find it amazing to cut out starches that breakdown to bad fatty sugars and use a vegetable that adds vitamins and no guilt.

I used to just do the traditional riced cauliflower but now I’m jazzing it up by making it into spanish riced cauliflower. Of course you have the mashed cauliflower, mac and cheese 🧀 cauliflower my new favorite is alfredo cauliflower sauce. The cauliflower acts like a binder or thickner and OMG ITS AMAZING!!! I’m not sure how many calories were in this but I didn’t have that feeling of “ugh I just ingested a half pound of butter and cream.” The cauliflower alfredo recipe will be featured. 🤗

Back to my rant on cauliflower…. it’s amazing if you haven’t tried it to replace those guilty starches give it a try!

I feel like Forrest Gump when I talk about what you can make with cauliflower. You can make tortillas, alfredo sauce, paella, rice……..



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