Why do HEALTHY EATERS have so much Tupperware??

Now I understand the need to have different sized Tupperware. Portion control is a big part of managing healthy eating habits. I tell my kids sure we can have the cake, candy or whatever but those are “sometimes foods”. We have broken down our snacks into “must haves”, “not too much” and the “sometimes foods”.

With our categories, we also use the portion control rule as well. If we do decide to indulge into our cravings of chips or ice cream we make sure it’s a 4 oz portion. Whats the fun of eating healthy all the time with amazing unique food revolving around us all the time. Food that doesn’t quite fit into our healthy regimen. You have to try a funnel cake from the local fair to make sure it has the perfect amount of fried dough to powdered sugar ratio.

Weekdays are starting to get easy for me to plan with the help of Tupperware. On Friday’s I have started to pre-portion my weekend snacks to stay on track. Without the help of color coded Tupperware I would have a very unhealthy portioned weekend because I would either forget to eat or just grab whatever is in arms distance . Here is my list of snacks to help me get thru the weekend days.

Packing weekend snacks:

  • 2 containers of 20 almonds in each
  • 2-2 oz container of dried fruits. It helps curb your sweet tooth
  • a fresh apple
  • 2-6oz baby carrots
  • 2 string cheese sticks
  • a 4oz parfait-with berries, yogurt and granola

**I am not a Tupperware salesperson. 🙂

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