Healthy lunch ideas….

I have found myself in a hurry to get some food around 12 o’clock. My stomach is in a rush for me to feed it. I decided to eat the salads that I make as an added option to my diet. I can tell you since I cut out sugar, have the morning routine down and now lunch routine on point. I have less of a “muffin top” and my jeans are fitting MUCH nicer. The belly area has always been an issue for me, even in my prime (high school years). I have always had that little pouch. Now being older it’s definitely noticeable and trying to get rid of it.

Along with changing my eating habits, I am working out 4-5 days a week to get back into shape. I want the before I went on vacation/eating tour of California and Las Vegas look again.  The only fault to this new healhty diet is that I am seriously hungry all the time! My suggestion to everyone is buy snack siz baggies and fill them up with healthy trial mix kinda stuff. I have a huge work bag that I travel with and hold my life in it along with snacks. Like I stated before I also love candy so you will see candy wrappers floating around in the bottom.

Here is my favorite lunch salad, it’s a farro salad-which if you have seen in older post it is really good for you!

Ingredients: Cooked farro, a handful of greens (spinach, kale, beet greens), tomatoes, cucumbers, dried cranberries, olive oil, 1/2 lemon and cooked grilled chicken.

Method: Toss all the ingredients together and add a teaspoon of olive oil just enough to coat everything and a squeeze of lemon juice. I love lemon zest too, so if you have a zester, zest it up to get extra citrus flavor. This is so low in calories and has lots of benefits.

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