EATING Routine….

My morning routine now consist of a parfait with black coffee. I no longer workout on an empty stomach. Who would have known I would have more energy with a light breakfast in my stomach. 🤔

After working out, I come home to make a scrambler. My scrambler consist of eggs, the green mix (kale, spinach and Swiss chard), some kinda meat and more vegetables. I ate that with a 12 oz glass of O.J. This is all before 10am. Now at 11am, I will have a snack.

So far this is my morning routine and I am able to start with that and eventually will be transitioning my whole day to HEALTHY EATING.

Today’s Parfait:

8 oz of vanilla yougurt

4 oz of fresh blue berries

4 oz of granola

A dash of cinnamon


Today’s scrambler:

3 eggs

6 oz of the green mix (kale, spinach and Swiss chard)

4 oz of shredded chicken in green chili

2 oz of chopped onions

2 oz black beans


Place the chicken and beans in a nonstick pan and warm up on medium heat. Stiring the chicken and almost hot. Add the onions and cook until tender. Continue to stir everything. Once tender add in the greens and let it wilt a little bit and crack eggs in pan and stir until eggs are cooked.

**Couple dashes of hot sauce. I just love hot sauce. ❤️

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