Going TOO FAR….

I have learned that part of eating healthy also involves eating at the right time. If you are like me and running around doing your daily routine. Sometimes you forget to eat so you grab whatever is convenient to put in your belly. That is where we make the wrong choices, I know! I make the wrong decisions alot lately.

Eating healthy is a lot of work but it pays off with a better healthy body to function with. For me I want to stay healthy without using medications as long as possible for myself and for my kids.

New things that I can do to start having healthy eating habits.

  1. Meal plan your day. You need to plan your meals for each day. From breakfast, snacks, lunch, snack and dinner. Meal services like mine make eating healthy much easier for you.
  2. Cut out sugar! This is very hard for me to do but I did cut out the creamer in my coffee and only put 1 tablespoon of sugar in my coffee. A huge win for me eventually I will drink my coffee black. Also no sugary drinks.
  3. Try to eat carbs in the morning so they can burn off during the day.
  4. Eat smaller meals. You may feel hungry more often, your metabolism will be running higher.
  5. Do not give into temptation, grab a banana to curb your appetite until you can get to a healthy meal.

I will be applying all these rules into my regimen. I am tired of grabbing candy or unhealthy options. It’s time!!



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