Gotta START HEALTHY Eating Habits……

I know from personal experience that healthy eating habits are very hard to stick to. Especially when you are starving and you pass a fast food place. It’s funny how I cook healthy meals for people and yet I won’t cook for myself. I sometimes have leftover items and I can compile some kinda meal but honestly I am a bad eater. I love candy, sugar and ice cream. I just found a new favorite in ice cream now too. I can eat a whole pint while blogging, I am just in the moment of typing and don’t realize that I just ate a whole pint….. blah!

I am going to embark on a new way of eating….. Healthy eating. I am not sure I can completely go 100% healthy because I love candy, ice cream and food. I can cut out sugar in my coffee and sugary drinks easy. I figure I just had a birthday and you know how every year that goes by if you don’t make changes now then you will never do them. And I want to set an example for my kids that we need to respect our bodies and take care of our temple. (I know that sounds super cheesy)

It’s not going to be an easy journey but I will try my hardest because on November 4th I committed to do a Spartan Race. I am the type of person that would go workout (on an empty stomach) and come home and eat a bag of Cheetos. Well not anymore! I just recently started to eat better in the mornings with eggs and spinach. It’s baby steps.

The struggle is real and if I can do it we can all do it!

I will be posting healthy breakfast options and snack options. The great part about eating healthy is that you get to eat more often. The only down part is that you will have to do more preparation at home. Or you can use my services to help with atleast lunch and dinner….. 😉

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