Yummy Farro!

Do you know what farro is? Farro is a wheat grain, that has a pretty brown pearl color. I started introducing farro into my lunch routine by making it into a salad. I cooked the farro, cooled it down and added cooled sautéed summer squash, onions, celery, grapes, walnuts and chicken breast. Yummmmm! I thought it would be a fun way to add a high fiber grain to my diet. Little did I know I was actually doing more to my body than just adding more fiber.

Benefits to eating Farro:

  1. Great source of protein
  2. Great source of magnesium and iron. Which both help with energy levels.
  3. High in fiber, aids in digestion.
  4. High in B Vitamins which help with brain health, energy levels, nervous system. Don’t get me started on the benefits of B Vitamins! When I was growing up my mom would give us B12 when she saw us studying to help us retain the information. Did it help? I think it did, that was a long time ago…….

I can testify that I needed more energy and after eating the farro salad I defiantly got a boost. Although farro is not gluten-free it does have a lot of benefits to the grain. I think my next idea is to incorporate the farro in my breakfast to start my day with a real boost.

Recipe for the salad will be posted in the featured page.