Anyone Try Aloe Vera Water?

I have….. I was at an asian market and I saw a sale on the aloe water. Who doesn’t like a deal on something they’ve heard to be “healthy”? I think it was a two for $5 deal. I was very hesitant to get it but read the label and googled it on my phone. Gotta love the convenience of having a WICKED smart phone in your pocket.

This is what I read saying why I should drink Aloe water…..

  1. Add digestion and relieves occasional constipation
  2. Boosts the immune system
  3. Supports normal circulation
  4. Vitamins-A, C, E, and B12 and potassium, zinc, and magnesium
  5. Clear skin
  6. Hydration

The list can go on and on… The flavors that I got were a mango and pineapple. Once you get over the fact that it has weird chunks in the water. Its not so bad because the chunks are the actual aloe vera. I have been hooked on drinking the aloe water and I always keep a cold bottle in my refrigerator.

Question is do I feel any of the benefits that I have listed? I am going to say YES! One time I drank 1/2 a bottle of the water. (DO Not try this!) It definaltly helped with constipation. I haven’t been sick with a cold or any other illness. My skin is feeling really good and some of the fine lines I was starting to get are slowly disappearing.

If you haven’t tried aloe vera water. You should start to incorporate this into your diet. Who doesn’t like to drink something that is good for your body and takes away fine lines?