Will Travel for Food

Um yeah I think most “Will travel for Food”. My favorite question to ask when I hear someone went away is….. “did you eat any good food or see anything fun or cool?” Please don’t think I’m a “foodie” my definition of “foodie” is a snob and will pass judgement on the “simple foods”. Like you would never find a “foodie” at the drive-thru of McDonalds. I don’t care! I appreciate food that is consistent and that is what McDonalds is. Back to my point, the best part of traveling is trying what the food trend is at the moment in the place you are at. Or just trying the real authentic food of that place.

I enjoy traveling because you get to see what that area is fixated on. For instance I went to California for about a week. I had the most authentic delicious Mexican food. From the drinks, to entrees, to the desserts! I have a weakness for Mexican sweet breads…. And I was introduced to a mini version of my favorite sweet bread. I literally almost died and went to heaven. It was an amazing moment. So the places that we had Mexican food everyone is soooo real with the way they are cooking. It felt like I walked into my Grandmothers house and sat down at the table with just LOVE. Not just any kind of LOVE…. It’s FOOD LOVE! That moment you take the first bite and you close your eyes because you start to do the happy food dance……. I love moments when your taste buds can recognize you have something special in your mouth. (That’s What She Said….)

I’m excited for my travels to Las Vegas because I will be with friends that love food and appreciate the taste of real good food. So from now until then, I have to diet and workout very hard because when I came back from California I was an extra 15 pounds….. Good times!!