via Daily Prompt: Delivery

I have two views on delivery. First one is the usual laying on the couch and waiting for your UberEats to arrive and hearing the door bell. I’ve always thought as I paused my Netflix show and wondered why the delivery guy didn’t like my joke. In my head I’m like dude I just gave you a $2 tip you better laugh. After I write out sign the receipt (because I never have cash on me) and grab my food and close the door. My kids say I’m embracing but later they say I’m hilarious so the delivery guy should have chuckled at the least.

The other side. I own my own company that delivers gourmet food to people. So I am the one ringing the doorbell (because I am still starting and need to hire employees). I am the one that is hearing the weird stories about that persons day. For me I love to hear what is that person up to because it makes me feel ok. In this world we meet so many people and some off the charts more than others. I love feeling the vibes from someone that is so open to share there day. Or maybe I am that person that will listen to them, as little as it sounds I feel like delivery people have a huge load on their shoulders. So if you decide to be a delivery person, you should be a person with patients because people are greeting you with HANGRY eyes, bashful eyes, or lonely eyes. Its a big job and I hope others that receive delivered foods or goods can understand this.