Upcoming Trip

I have a trip coming up this coming week. I will be traveling to Las Vegas, NV to take food pics with a good friend of mine that is very talented in her craft. Her and I have always meshed well and we have known each other for over 10 years. So crazy! Most might think “oh Vegas party time.” Well not in my case I am excited to feature her photography on my website and get her name out while also expanding the look of NALA’s Kitchen website.

I like to describe my food as “fine dinning on the go”. Its fine dining flavors and quality in a microwavable container for the busy lives that crave something more than the usual fast food. The best part about my services is that you get to enjoy it when you are ready. I love to cook and I am thankful to actually share my vision with my friend and redefine my website to show what NALA’s is really about.

Don’t get me wrong I will be eating good food and trying the new places, but my main focus is NALA’s Kitchen. I am excited to finally get great food pictures done and out of my head! Stay tuned for in action pictures, videos and more. Instagram might be overloaded with the feed. All starting on Friday! T-minus 5 days……

This is in my new future! (I don’t know where theses food pics were taken)bestfoodcollage-5912320f3df78c9283fad87f.jpg

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