Back to Basics

August 12, 2017

Have you ever been out driving and say “I can go for a smoothie”. Then you find a place that has a cool name Something Nirvana and walk in. I knew this could have been complicated when the signs on the door to walk in were saying how to walk in the door. Signs like please watch step, please use this door, please turn the knob. Well maybe not that last one. Lots of signage was on the door!

As I walk in after that 5 minute walking tutorial, one person was in line asking a ton of questions. For example if I get the acai, kale smoothie does it come with protein extra boost and hydration boost. The girl at the counter was sweet and explained the ingredients and said well it doesn’t have hydration but if you get this other one you will enjoy it. She stood at the counter asking over 50 million questions about a damn smoothie. Come on really how complicated can it be. Then I looked at the menu, wow I just picked the coolest name and rolled with it. The lady stepped aside and said she has to think about what kind of smoothie she wants. I kinda chuckled because once again its a SMOOTHIE!

When I ordered my smoothie the girl ask what kind of protein would you like. She says we have chocolate, vanilla, Vegan, and two other kinds. In my head I’m like uhhhhh I don’t know, just make the smoothie that I asked for that is listed that sounds the most appealing. So I say Vegan, they she ask is the dairy in the yogurt ok or we also have some fake vegan whatever yogurt. I laugh and say I’m not vegan so regular is good. Then asked me like 5 other questions about my choices. I really wanted to shout out I JUST WANT A SMOOTHIE!!

I waited about 5 minutes if not more after I paid for the smoothie. The concept of the place was cool, but really let’s get back to basics like the options are cool and the smoothie was tasty. I miss the times of just having a basic smoothie, with berries, fruit, yogurt, juice and maybe ice. Why is it so complicated!!

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