What’s your favorite food to make?

As a chef I get asked that question a lot. Usually when I first meet someone I don’t say I am a chef. I once told someoneĀ I was a Avon Salesperson to avoid the classic questions like: Whats your favorite food to make?, Where is your favorite place to eat?, and I bet your kids eat everything (this one is more of a statement rather than a question).

Well my favorite type of food to make is GOOD food because I don’t like to categorize myself and I just make food with the ingredients I feel like using. Yeah that sounds kinda cocky. It’s really hard to say whats my favorite food to make because my mood changes everyday. It’s really how I am feeling that day and what do I have in the frig.

My favorite place to eat…… Well working in the kitchen with the long hours, its honestly really hard to get out and try new places. On my days off I wanted to stay home and cook at home. Its fun to be home with the kids. I just started to go out and start experiencing new restaurants because I started NALA’s Kitchen. Now the kids and I are starting to try the new restaurants and are having fun. And in a pinch my favorite place is McDonald’s because they always have the same consistent taste. No favorites real restaurant yet…. TBD

My kids are very picky eaters. They are just starting to adventure out of the comfort zone. I say you need to try it or we won’t be going out and having fun, so it’s a little bit of a bribe.

All in all I love cooking and its fun to answer the questions with silly answers. I should ask someone who is a dentist, you must have fresh breath all the time…..IMG_2895