Hold the lettuce and tomato

I was recently with a friend that I worked with at another resturant. I asked how the new chef is and she said great but you know what bothers me…. She said you know the burger you created, the birdie. The birdie is a classic burger with cheese, bacon and topped with an over easy egg on a brioche bun. I say “yaaaah?”, my friend says well the new chef adds lettuce and tomato. I took a long hard gasp because I felt like the chef wasn’t respecting the ingredients. I hate when chefs, cooks, kitchen people, culinary students put unnecessary items into a entree just because….. NOOOOO don’t do it. Step away from the plate.

For me cooking is about respecting the ingredients and bringing out the best quality and flavor profiles from each component you add to make a meal. My meals are not covered up or masked with extra fluff to make it seem cool. My meals reflect who I am and with every bite you take you can taste the passion that I put into the food. I learned how to make flavors sing together and to become one harmony. What are the songs that stick in your head? They are the simple tunes like “It’s a small world after all” you know the Disney ride or the latest Selena Gomez (not a fan…). Simple is great, Simple is intriguing, Simple can compound more of an adventure than anything that has 15 ingredients. So please hold the lettuce and tomato on the Birdie Burger!!