Why NALAs Kitchen is different?

Someone asked me what makes me different from other similar places doing this. At first I wasn't sure but I had research before to see what competition is out there. I am different because I compose meals that are balanced for your diet, palate and wallet. Other kitchens are geared towards diets and cutting weight. I just like to make good food but I try to make everyone's fan favorites but in a healthy way. Everyone has to enjoy food and I don't consider my meals a diet plan, just good food that has a healthier alternative recipes. For example I have made Mac and cheese but used cauliflower instead of pasta to cut down on carbs. The cheese was still the same. Or if I have to coat something in flour I use whole wheat flour instead of regular flour, always cooking with coconut oil so everyone can get the benefits of the oil. I am obsessed with coconut oil, I literally use it for everything. Skin care, hair care, cooking, and more. I believe that is what makes me different from everyone else. 

GOOD food for busy LIVES-😃🥗

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