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How it works

Order Al La Carte for individual meals, a meal pack for discounted rates on a selected quantity, or subscribe to select meals on a weekly basis, based on your preferences.

Chef Beca and her culinary team will prepare your meals with only fresh high-end quality ingredients.

We then deliver to your home, office or gym for a flat fee of $6 per delivery day.

All our meals come fully cooked. Simply place your dish in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and bon appetit!

Order types

Goal Driven Menu

Made for the person who is trying to maintain. Protein, smart carbs and mixed veggies.

Essential for most people with gluten allergies or celiac disease

Count the macronutrients- grams of protein, carbs and fats- eat within your calorie goals, and in what ratios.

Clean eating plan that is designed to revamp your eating habits by cutting out certain foods. All W30 meals contain no dairy, gluten, grains or refined sugars.

Our Current Menu

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